• Birutė RAGALYTĖ


mathematical logic, programming application, mathematical relationship between logic and programming


The article presents the history of the emergence of mathematical logic. It is analyzed what is the meaning and application of mathematical logic in programming. The purpose of the article is to determine what is the relationship between mathematical logic and programming. The work is aimed to study how students of information systems evaluate knowledge of mathematical logic and the ability to apply knowledge in programming. It provides how programming knowledge can be applied to solve the tasks of mathematical logic. After analyzing, the opinion of the students of the Panevėžys College/ State Higher Education Institution, information systems study program about the knowledge of mathematics logic and the ability to programming, it was found that students assess their knowledge of mathematical logic and programming 6-7 points. The students of the program of the study of information systems were faced with a situation where knowledge of mathematical logic helped to solve the programming task more effectively. Assessment the difference in scores between mathematical logic and programming self-assessment is small enough for students. Emphasized that mathematical logic is very important in programming, especially when creating complex information systems or computer games. After analyzing how programming can be used to solve the tasks of mathematical logic, it was found that "Matlab" is perfect, which can solve the tasks of logical reasoning by creating a Script file.




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RAGALYTĖ, B., & PAUKŠTIENĖ, A. (2023). MATHEMATICAL LOGIC AND PROGRAMMING. Taikomieji Tyrimai Studijose Ir Praktikoje - Applied Research in Studies and Practice, 19(1), 50-55.